Risto Vat Pasteurizer



from 24.990,- €
Technical specifications: Vat pasteurizer
  • Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 1250 x 880 x 1300 mm,
  • Outlet height 700 mm
  • Capacity: 220 l
  • Electric heating unit 18kW
  • Cooling performance: 11 kW

 For milk, ricotta, cheese, yoghurt and many more.

  • Fully-fledged alternative
  • For smaller installations
  • 220 l capacity
  • Automatic and
  • Manual operation possible
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • For easy maintenance
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Two different heating
  • Systems can be used separately or
  • Combined
  • Pressure-resistant heating circuit
  • Circulation pump
  • For efficient heat exchange
  • Fast installation

Risto vat pasteurizer WP-220 – ideal aid for milk processing in small quantities

With this vat pasteurizer from Risto, you can produce drinking milk, yoghurt, cheese and ricotta. For hygienic and easy cleaning, all machine parts are made of stainless steel. The machine is operated via a touch screen. In the Risto vat pasteurizer WP-220, ten production processes are already pre-programmed. When required, the program is started by a timer. The pasteurizer automatically selects the correct temperature and optimal agitator speed, as well as the duration of the process. There are two fully integrated heating circuits available. Heating is done either with the cartridge heater of the machine or via a hot water circuit. If necessary, both systems can be used in combination.

Advantages of the vat pasteurizer WP-220 from Risto

The user can either start the fully automated programs or operating the device manually. The highlight is the affordable price of the device and its particularly energy-saving operation. The Risto vat pasteurizer WP-220 can also effectively process small amounts up to 220 litres. Its installation is as easy as its intuitive operation via touch screen.

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