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Technical specifications: Dairy Farm / Farmshop Factory
  • Risto PAW-400 Pasteur
  • Risto RSC-1 control unit
  • Low pressure pasteurisation
  • Independent heating and cooling circuits
  • Outstanding milk taste
  • Automatic process control
  • In accordance with food safety standards
  • Up to 4800 litres of fresh milk per day
Milk tank cleaning station, optional
  • Five cleaning stations
  • One-hour cleaning process
  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • Risto Wash with integrated heater
Rinsing machine, optional
  • Washing stand
  • Industry standard basins
  • Industry standard hose reel
  • Industry standard spray nozzle
Floor cleaning
  • Floor drain
Cold storage room
  • Refrigerated storage room 7 m long
  • Multiple air conditioning units
  • Milk containers not included
  • Direct access to Farmshop Factory
Technical Room
  • Cooling unit
  • Hot water storage tank for heating
  • 3 kW water heater
  • Compressed air compressor
  • Connections for all milk and
  • cleaning lines
Changing room
  • Complies with food safety standards
  • Closed dressing room, wardrobe
  • Washbasins
  • Contact-free faucet
  • Hot water
  • Soap & steriliser dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser
Fresh milk tank
  • Capacity: 2100 litres
  • Risto cleaning & cooling unit
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Fill level indicator
  • Milk tank on rack, so fresh milk does not have to be pumped
  • Available new or used
Raw milk pump
  • Installed next to your raw milk tank
  • Easy installation next to your Raw milk tank
  • Connected to the Farmshop Factory
  • Cleaned automatically during the PP-400 cleaning process
Extension module
  • Simple raw milk processing
  • Production and packaging of cheese, ricotta and yogurt
  • Energy-efficient connectivity with the PAW 400
  • Gentle pasteurisation
  • Built at our factory according to a standardised design
  • Approved and tested in advance
  • Fast installation
  • Highly recommended by farmers and veterinarians
  • Optimum workflows
  • Efficient auxiliary aids
  • Fixed price
  • Cleaning station for five 180 milk containers
  • Separate changing and technical room
  • Expandable with various modules

The Risto Farmshop Factory / Dairy Farm is a new approach for direct self marketing and independent business for farmers. We look at the entire value chain. From the production of food in the yard to the breakfast table of your customers. And we want to give back to the farmer the meaning he deserves.

We therefore believe that you should look at the following scenario:
Your milking machine on the farm is selling several thousand litres of raw milk a year? The vending machine is also successful and donates diligently empty bottles for new milk customers. Also, your regional products sell very well through the vending machines?

What if we offer you the next step in your business development? If we tell you that you can make popular dairy products from your milk on your own farm?

We would like to show you the result of our current developments. Solutions that are already deliverable: The Risto Dairy Farm / Farmshop Factory is a modular system with which you can process raw milk directly on the farm. We have developed efficient technologies that take into account all critical factors in the production of dairy products. You can independently produce your own ricotta, cheese and yoghurt in full compliance with the food regulation. The Risto Farmshop Factory Modules are either installed in your existing premises or installed as a ready-to-use solution in standardized containers.

Let’s get to the details of the Dairy Farm / Farmshop Factory (Milk Pasteurization Container):
The Farmshop Factory is ideal if you have 5 to 10 decentralized milk outlets and want to work one shift at a time. It includes our very economical Pasteur PP-400 with automatic sequence control and heat recovery. During the day, they pasteurize exactly the amount of milk you need and store it for further processing in a 2110-litre fresh-milk tank. Taking into account the cleaning and sterilization cycles, you can process up to 4,800 litres of milk every day. Optionally, we offer a cleaning station with up to five seats for Milk Container 180. Here you can automatically prepare them in less than one hour for the next use.

Product Price in Euro
Risto Farmshop Factory Modul MPC (Container 13x3m) 149.900,-
Cleaning unit for 5 milk container 180 Liter
+ 4 bypass adapter + ramps for milk container 180 Liter
Gastro Dishwasher, Gastro sink and Gastro fittings 4.990,-
Transport from the Marienheide plant to the customer within Europe Included
Commissioning including introductory training Included
Telephone service hotline for 1 year Included
Unloading at the place of delivery and necessary preparations
and installation must be carried out by the customer
by the customer

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