Cooling unit and refrigeration unit

Copeland Scroll Kühlaggregate
Scroll Cooling and Refrigeration Unit
Cooling and Refrigeration Unit with Alco/Emerson Oil Separator
Copeland/Scroll Cool Aggregate
From 1.400,- €
  • Scroll / Copeland
  • Alco/Emerson filter
  • Alco/Emerson inspection glass
  • Alco/Emerson oil separator
  • 2 fans
  • Schneider phase monitoring
  • Danfoss or Emerson pressure switch

 3 – 15 HP

Normal cooling

 from -5 °C to +12 °C

Cooling agent

 R404; R407; R449



  • Affordable
  • Pressure compensation tank
  • Condenser can be installed separately

Cooling unit and refrigeration unit

Like other foods and beverages sensitive to germs, milk must be cooled. For producers of medium milk quantities, the Copeland / Scroll cooling and refrigeration unit is the most affordable way to reliably cool the milk immediately after milking.  This helps against the unwanted reproduction of germs and ensures perfect milk, fresh from the country. Advantageous features of the cooling and refrigeration unit from Risto are an integrated filter from Alco/Emerson, a sight glass, and an oil separator of the same model range. In addition, there are two fans for fast cooling, a pressure switch from Danfoss or Emerson, and a phase monitoring device from Schneider. All model sizes allow installation of the Copeland / Scroll cooling & refrigeration unit that facilitates an exact production of a specified daily quantity of milk in accordance with the standards applicable in

Germany and in the EU. Thus, the farmer can directly sell their milk from the farm or supply it to shops or dairies at any time in accordance with the applicable hygiene requirements.

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From 725,- €
Technical specifications
  • Inspection glass
  • Power: 380-420V/3/50Hz

3 – 15 HP


Copeland Scroll compressors have proved their worth especially in the field of industrial refrigeration technology. These powerful compressors are equipped with a variety of modern technologies ensuring an efficient operation. For example, such a compressor has a special refrigerant injection unit. This improves the system efficiency and thus the cooling performance. The Copeland Scroll compressor performance is digitally controlled. This ensures a precise temperature control and monitoring. In addition, energy consumption is efficiently controlled by the innovative electronics integrated in the compressor. The Copeland Scroll compressors run very quietly thanks to special noise reduction mechanisms. Depending on the type, they are between 3 and 15 HP compressors.. All of them are provided with a practical sight glass.

Model PS Price Euro
ZB21 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 3,0 725 Euro
ZB30 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 4,0 925 Euro
ZB38 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 5,0 1.025 Euro
ZB45 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 6,0 1.150 Euro
ZB58 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 8,0 1.590 Euro
ZB66 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 9,0 1.750 Euro
ZB75 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 10,0 1.940 Euro
ZB92 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 12,0 2.175 Euro
ZB114 380-420V/3/50Hz mit Schauglas 15,0 2.350 Euro

* Chiller unit only in combination with plate cooler ( see offer, plate cooler)

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